Test plans are written in english and in Gherkin format. Please, consult “How to write a test plan” for more details.


The self-learning mechanism collects automatically scenarios in libraries in order to reuse them as scenario steps. Please, consult “Self-learning” for more details.

Remote testing

Tests are run remotely. Multiple browsers are available: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, … A test plan can be run in parallel on several browsers.

Parallel execution

Test plans are run in parallel on several test nodes.

Multiple operating systems

coming soon…

Dataset testing

A same test plan can be run with several datasets in parallel. Please, consult “Dataset testing” for more details.

Java environment integration

Based on Selenium and JUnit, yascribe can be integrated in a Java environment.

CI integration

Test plans can be integrated into Continuous Integration via Maven for example.

Launching tests from multiple environments

On the command line, from Java environments (IntelliJ, Maven, …), via a Node.js module (coming soon).

Auto wait

Implicit and explicit auto waits.
When an action triggers network traffics (page load, requests for example), yascribe will wait for the end of the traffics
before executing the next action.

Multiple report formats

Test reports are generated in json and in markdown.

Screenshot and video capture

coming soon…