A codeless testing tool

Testing web applications with yascribe

No coding skill is required but just writing test plans in english. yascribe utilizes natural language processing (NLP) to understand tests written in english.

Submit your tests in Gherkin format and let yascribe run the tests remotely. Here is a test scenario in Gherkin :

Scenario: Finding a route to "Paris"
  When I enter "Paris" into "Destination"
  And I click on "Go"

Please, consult the documentation for more details.

Java client to launch tests

yascribe provides a java client to launch tests. The Java client can be used :

  • on the command line
  • or in a Java environment (IntelliJ, Maven, …)

To try yascribe out from a command line, please consult “yascribe client command line“.

To try yascribe out in a Java project, please consult “yascribe client & Java project“.

Launching tests in a Node.js environment

A Node.js client is coming soon.